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Hi! So this is where I tell you about me. Bios, telling my story and just about anything else related to me always have been a bit awkward. Introverted by nature could be one reason, but also because I already know my own story - normally I like to hear about others as I find everyone on this planet fascinating. But in this asynchronous, blog format I guess I can make a better attempt than I normally do - so here goes. Straight facts. Born in LA, moved to Korea when I was a toddler and returned in the middle of 2nd grade. Repeated 2nd grade (to learn English was one good reason), which made me older than everyone else growing up and always seemed to require an explanation (though rarely was I asked). Grew up in a small, farming/college town (population 17,000) called Kirksville in northeastern Missouri - talk about serious identity crisis (more on this later). After high school, moved to Chicago (fish out of water) where I went to college. Investment banking after that, next a miserable attempt at an ecommerce start-up in 1997 and finally off to business school in Silicon Valley, where I now live. Small, start-up job after grad school, followed by two entrepreneurial ventures - beau-coup.com with my wife and tinyprints.com with 2 great friends. The potentially more interesting color. Very shy growing up and was lucky enough to find sports as an outlet (never great at anything but mediocre at just about everything). Spent most of my teen years playing sports and working as many odd jobs as possible, which included some early entrepreneurship (lawn care business, stringing tennis racquets, moving furniture). But best way to describe my childhood really would be identity crisis - really the only Asian kid in a small midwestern town made it very confusing to figure out who I was. Most people look back awkwardly at those years - I do probably more so than most. After high school, the next dozen or so years were spent focused mainly on career. Business school was my opportunity to transition to a more entrepreneurial path, but I found myself being handed a degree in 2000 when the Internet seemed to be yesterday's news. Regardless to this day I claim my greatest achievement in grad school to be finding my wonderful wife, partner in life who I now raise two amazing kids with. Which in many ways is how I came to take part in this Challenge - while I look back on life with mixed emotions during certain parts of it, the journey has been enormously fulfilling and full of fortune. I've learned along the way to take risks - in business and in life. I've learned that nothing comes close to fulfillment like true authenticity. So as I take this Challenge, I hope to discover hidden gratitude and share them with you all!

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