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Happy Holidays!

Whether you’re traveling, feasting with family or home alone on a cozy couch watching those movies you’ve wanted to all year, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!  It’s been a more challenging year than your average, but each one of us has much to be thankful for, so I hope we all remind ourselves of that.  At Tiny Prints, we’re commemorating this important weekend with an upgrade of our Gratitude Challenge – check it out!


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It’s been a couple of weeks again, and lots has happened.  First, back to project gratitude.  While I didn’t expect it to all of a sudden rule my life, I’ve been amazed at how it occupies a small space of my teeny, tiny, little mind every day.  Just the other day, I rushed out in between meetings to grab a Subway sandwich (flat bread Italian BMT – yum…).  I was wondering how I could make it back in time for my next meeting that was 5 minutes from the last one that just ended.  So when I got to Subway and saw a line out the door, I was feeling hopeless.

Then I noticed the uniform.  The guy in front of me dressed in camo.  You see men and women in military service every now and then near our office because we are so close to Moffett Airfield.  My thoughts turned to a different place than the meeting I was going to be late for.  I started to think about my daily problems and what his must be, on friendly ground and deployed if he’s seen action.  I thought about the high school classmates who joined the military after graduation – growing up in a small, Midwestern town high school is a pretty prevalent feeder for the military.

As we both inched closer to the register, I all of a sudden had the urge to reach out to him – project gratitude was on my mind.  I’ve done similar things in the past a few times – I remember clearly being on a plane a few months after September 11 when a troupe of service men and women boarded the plane.  A few applauses here and there turned into a standing ovation with high fives and thank yous as they passed our aisles.  I’ve bought coffee or lunch for police officers who I also respect a great deal (you never know when one of them might be ticketing you too…).

As the gentlemen in front of me reached into his pocket for his wallet, I found myself tapping him on the shoulder.  I told him it would be my pleasure to buy him lunch as a gesture of thanks for the sacrifice and service he makes daily.  He refused at first, very graciously, but I convinced him, which led to a few minutes of conversation about the service, the few friends I’ve had in the military and generally  connecting as two people who really appreciated each other.  So Brett, thank you – $5 for a sandwich is a long ways away from a proper thanks in my opinion.

Now another update – back at Tiny Prints, we continue to churn out crazy, new and great ideas.  We’re excited about our current talent search where we will not only give away great prizes for several lucky families, we’ll be featuring real life customers and friends of Tiny Prints in our next ad campaign in 2010!  So be sure to enter and show off how beautiful your family is.

Last, we launched our highly anticipated celebrity holiday card collectionGwyneth Paltrow, Angie Harmon, Cindy Crawford, Marcia Cross, Alison Sweeney and Molly Sims – wow!

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