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Happy holidays!


Okay, so I used to be one of those grumpy people walking into Target asking why there are Christmas ornaments in the aisles before Halloween.  But now that I’m in retail, I’ve had to change my tune.

It’s about awareness – consciously or subliminally occupying that little space in people’s brains, even in October, that is free and ready to be filled with holiday messages.  And some folks even go beyond filing that message away – they actually shop and prepare this far in advance.  God bless you.  It may seem silly, but let’s face it, when we’re standing in line at Wal-Mart at 11:59 PM on Christmas Eve with the last Christmas item, we’re jealous of these early birds.

So, if I’m changing my tune, I might as well go all the way.  And yes, the holidays are here at Tiny Prints!  We get excited every year because our business spikes (hopefully this year too…) in a few weeks, but also it’s a time to show off everything we’ve worked 9 months to make happen – it’s for pride.  And this year is no exception, in fact, we have more to show this year than ever before.

First, we have our collections – 5 in all.  Where we had mostly a single “look” in the past, we now offer 5 different “looks” all still maintaining the Tiny Prints Style.  Check out this amazing design in our Vintage collection:


Next up, we have a ton of new products – pop-up cards, photo montage cards, tri-folds, thermography cards designed by William Arthur, some super unique photo gifts, photo books and calendars and even an entire collection designed by celebrities for their charitable causes.  Lots of really cool new designer as usual, and this year some really fun ones like  Hello Kitty:).


One of the biggest news for the year is the launch of our Studio Basics – our solution to the economic mess!

Finally, lots of very cool new features – our address book and mailing service allow you to have your holiday cards sent directly to your recipients!  How COOL is that?!  C’mon – that’s pretty cool.  And our personal shopper service – now that is seriously da bomb.

So consider yourselves informed – in October…


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